Death’s Door

Death's Door title
A pansexual horror love story! In a post-apocalyptic future, three demons live and love as one among the ruined wastes. But eating rats and making love only goes so far when jealousy comes into play. What will happen when their polyamory falls apart? Find out in the pages of Death’s Door!

“…Short and not too sweet, but still manages to hit the perfect note for fans of independent queer comics.”
Bisexual Books

Full-color. 16 pages.

Paperback edition: $4.00 + $2.00 shipping to US addresses.

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LOAD Comic Strip

Why Do You Cry When I'm On Top?
From 2000 to 2009 Sam Saturday wrote, drew and published comics under the Load World Comics banner.

LWC’s flagship work was the long-running comic strip LOAD. What started out as a random absurdist strip eventually turned into a comic solely focused on finding humor in sex and relationships. LOAD was run in several independent publications, both in print and online. You can see a bunch of old comics in the LOAD Comic Strip Archive.

Many of the best LOAD comics are collected in the book “Why Do You Cry When I’m On Top?” There are TWO versions available: Get the original, physical book from Amazon.com. OR get the new 2013 digital version from Northwest Press!

Porn And A Donut podcast

Porn And A Donut podcast
Every Tuesday Sam hosts The Adult Industry Interview Show Recorded Inside A Donut Shop.

Listen at PornAndADonut.comSubscribe_on_iTunes_Badge_US-UK_110x40_0824.

Anything That Loves

Anything That Loves
Sam was one of nearly thirty contributors to Northwest Press’ anthology “Anything That Loves.”

From confessional, personal accounts to erotic flights of fancy to undersea identity politics, this collection of comics invites the reader to step outside of the categories and explore the wild and wonderful uncharted territory between “gay” and “straight”.

Featuring comics and illustrations by Adam Pruett, Agnes Czaja, Alex Dahm, Amy T. Falcone, Ashley Cook & Caroline Hobbs, Bill Roundy, Ellen Forney, Erika Moen, Jason A. Quest, Jason Thompson, John Lustig, Jon Macy, Josh Trujillo & Dave Valeza, Kate Leth, Kevin Boze, Leanne Franson, Leia Weathington, Lena H. Chandhok, Margreet de Heer, MariNaomi, Maurice Vellekoop, Melaina, Nick Leonard, Powflip, Randall Kirby, Roberta Gregory, Sam Orchard, Sam Saturday, Stasia Burrington, Steve Orlando, Tania Walker, and Tara Madison Avery & Mike Sullivan.

Royalties from the sale of this book are being donated to Prism Comics, the nonprofit organization that’s been helping LGBT comics, creators, and readers for over ten years!

Get a copy at Northwest Press!

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